How to Find the Right Homecare Provider

If you are aging, then the time might be right to talk about a homecare provider. This is not necessarily a pleasant conversation to have, but it’s better to have it now than in the future. I can tell you from experience that the conversation will only get more awkward the further into the future you move. In truth, homecare is a bit like insurance- you don’t think you need it until one day you wake up and realize that you really need it.


As the name would imply, homecare is an in-home service wherein a caregiver looks over an  elderly or aging individual or group of individuals. As we or our parents age, it’s often the case  that we need a little bit of extra help, but aren’t necessarily prepared to go into a nursing home or retirement community. After all, that could be quite excessive for a 60-something who remains in good health but who needs some extra help with day to day tasks. 

Who is home care for?  

Homecare is for anybody who could use an extra hand around the house but does not need or choose to live in a nursing home or retirement community. There are many reasons that one  might choose to go this route. For one, they might remain in good health and not have require the degree and depth of assistance offered that a nursing home advertises. Or, you might even require a high degree of help but prefer to manage your aging from the comfort of you home. 

Whatever the case, homecare is a great option for those opting to age gracefully from the  comfort of their home.  

How do I select a home care provider? 

There are a few things you’ll want to take into account when selecting a homecare provider. Thefirst of course is going to be their reputation- do they have a clean brand name and a  reputation that they are willing to stand by? While it might be worthwhile to give a new company a shot, you should avoid fly-by night homecare providers as all costs. If you see repetitive negative reviews on sites like Yelp, you’ll want to look the other way and find another provider. The selection process can be time consuming, but it will pay off in the end.  

You can also try a few trials with homecare providers to see how they are. As this is a relatively  

What options do I have available? 

As I am based in the Nashville, Tennessee area, I’ll give you a few examples of homecare providers and explain how I would go about selecting one in my region. I’d first start with a few 

searches for homecare in Nashville, Tn. Based on this search, I can see that a variety of options appear. One that appeals is Homewatch Caregivers, which you can visit here:  

They stand out to me because they have operations all across the US and have been in  operation for a long time. However, I think there might be some other options worth exploring, so I’ll take a further look in Google. 

Right now, your elder care provider selection process should consist of performing a few searches in Google or your preferred search engine. I recommend keeping an Excel spreadsheet  with your results. What you want to do is make a list of the providers who stand out to you, and 

keep track of their pros and cons. Do any seem particularly appealing? If so, why? Your goal now isn’t to make a final decision. Instead, you should focus on coming up with a list of ten or so providers who you think might be the right fit. From there you can schedule a trial and after that hopefully you’ll have enough information to make your final selection!

Goa & The Exotic Tatva Therapy by the Beach

Goa, India.

The tranquility of the place amidst the sights of lush hilly greens afar and the throbbing nightlife was a perfect hideaway far away from the noise and chaos of urban living.  A place where one can get away and relax the mind and body from city work routines. A place where the body can experience nature at its finest.

The Tatva essence that attracts.

One of the best experience in Goa was the famous Tatva therapy known around the world for its exotic offer of that relaxing and rejuvenating spa experience that attracts millions of local and international tourists to Goa. While strolling along Goa’s fine beach, one might come across one of those airconditioned beach tents offering Tatva therapies. Tatva originates from the name of one of India’s Hindu god, the Panchtatva. The Sanskrit name was meant to signify essence or elements. Tatva therapy has that lavish blend of ancient and modern spa treatments offering exquisite relaxation and rejuvenation with some touch of international appeal to suit tourists and visitors from other places. People come to Goa not only to experience its world class beach journeys but likewise experience a well-deserved royal treatment and destressed that hard working body.

The Tatva therapy indulgence.

Upon entering a Tatva tent, one will notice the inviting and appealing mood of the place. The soft lights will instantly sooth you.  Smell the aroma and the captivating scents of different exotic blends of organic herbs and oils in those appealingly rolled and wrapped shaped tiny cloth bags that will be used to gently massage the body all over with soap-free essences onto the skin. Indulge yourself completely in the comfort of the body rejuvenating therapy of Tatva.

Among the services offered as part of the therapy were special ayurvedic healing massages that deeply nourishes the body and skin tissues as it improves blood circulation and bring back body balance. Other services include choices of other international spa treatment like Thai, Balinese and Swedish massage types as well as reflexology, body wash, mud wrap, foot balms and sandal scrubs. Choose your medium using a variety of organic herbs and oils, butter and scrubs to pamper your body.

Goa offers a lot of options to celebrate every life events. Goa is perfect for every journey to get in touch with nature and the outdoors. Enjoy beach events as you swim, kayak, fish, trek, kite and stroll. Explore and discover a place rich with culture, bio diversity, music, art and cuisine.   Every Goa experiences assures one with indulgence to enhance the body’s whole wellbeing.  Every Tatva episode in your Goa destination provides that perfect option for nurturing and relaxing the body and mind in every best possible experience. In fact, a few hours or days seems never enough to experience and explore everything in the place. If you are in search for that luxurious and pompous royal treatment to lavish your body, the Tatva therapy experience in Goa was simply one of its kind!

Is Even SuperEnaMax Lottery a Better Investment than the Eurozone?

The European economy has had its problems for quite some time now, varying greatly in severance between regions and from year to year as well as quarter to quarter. Many European countries suffer severe recessions, Italy being one of the worst with its ongoing recession for nine quarters now, ever since starting to fall beyond the zero percent mark in the summer of 2011.

At the same time, even the most prosperous have troubles making ends meet – the German economy is stagnating at a 0.3 percent growth rate while the French see a 0.1 percent fall in GDP. The Eurozone economy overall had a growth rate of mere 0.1 percent in the third quarter of 2013 as compared to the second – in short, the whole economy of the region is not very well of indeed.

The Greek economy is quite clearly at its worse it’s been in a really long time, if not forever. While the European Commission last month came out and said that they expect the country to come out of the recession in 2014 with a solid growth of 2.9 % for 2015 if they continue the current path, it’s unclear who actually believes that. With the ongoing political turmoil and the economic crisis being what it is, it might well stay in recession much longer.

What Are the Odds of Winning the Lottery?

With any spending in the Eurozone looking much like throwing money into the sea, aren’t there any better alternatives? Surely even throwing money into a lottery is less of a waste? Any money spent on for example lottery, is bound to be lost by pure chance, but then again so is more or less all money spent into the current European economy.

So we discussed the chances of surviving a Eurozone recession – but what are the odds of coming out of a SuperEnaMax lottery draw with more money in your pockets? Well, it’s complicated. Let’s say that we want to not only keep our money but multiply them a few hundred times – let’s try and win the big jackpot, which is guaranteed to be a minimum of €90 million. The odds of winning such a monster SuperEnaMax jackpot are quite harsh – but what did you expect, it is after all a lottery game.

So let’s go for a little less. What about just winning something? Here the odds are much safer, and you can actually count on winning something one time in thirteen. While you will obviously lose in the long run unless you’re truly lucky (that’s exactly how lotteries work, playing with an edge to the lottery), you’re just as likely to lose money on investing in, say, Greece or Italy. See what I’m getting at here?

And hey, in this case you are also likely to actually have some fun while you’re at it.

What is a Wing Chun Dummy?

Have you ever heard of the marital art called Wing Chun? it was originally popularized by the famous marital artist known as Bruce Lee.

You have most likely see it in many movies and didn’t even notice? It is most famous for the “wooden man” also known known as the “Mook Yan Jong” in Chinese.

What does the Wooden Dummy train?

It trains you a number of different Kung Fu skills. On the surface it looks like it will only train you to strengthen your body. After all you are whacking away at it like crazy for an extended period of time.  However the truth it, that it is much deeper than that.

It helps you deep dive into the most complex parts of the art

It teaches you how to move your body as a unit. Which is very important in fighting. For instance, what do you think would hurt more:

Someone throwing a wild punch at you?

Or something throwing a punch at you with the ENTIRE body behind the attack.

It also teaches proper stepping. 

In other words, how to move your body around someone you are fighting. The goal is to stay in a “set” range where you are just in the right spot to take your opponent down. For example you don’t want to be too close, otherwise throwing a punch would not be possible.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Where do you buy a dummy?

Getting a dummy is not an easy task. It is not the type of things where you can just walk into the local store and get. What makes matters more complex, is that it not easy to make. Every aspect of the dummy is fine tuned to Wing Chun.

If you mess up one small aspect of the dummy construction, it could inhibit your ability to learn the art. Make sure you read WingChunGeeks.Com Wing Chun Dummy buyers guide BEFORE you decide to get anything. They do a great job of breaking down the steps you need to take before a purchase and what you need to look for.

What is most interesting about the subject is that they is mostly are sold online. There are very few places you can walk into and buy your own.

Can you build it?

Sure you can! Although it might take you a few tries to get it right. Do a quick search and you’ll likely find a few plans totally for free. Just don’t think you’ll get store quality the first time around.

Are their any trusted stores?

One store that we recommend is called Warrior Martial Art Supply. They do a wonderful job and also do custom designs. For instance if you want a custom painting or perhaps your schools emblem, they can put it on the dummy for you. They do great work and their dummies look amazing.

 Final Thoughts.

Make sure you talk to your teacher and read as much information as possible before picking up a dummy. They are not cheap, do your homework.


Pest Control and why I hate Bed Bugs

If you have keeping up with the news lately, you’ll know that most pest control companies are likely doing pretty well at the moment. This is because their is a huge problem with bed bugs around the world and yours truly is a victim…

Here is how you can go about finding out if you have bed bugs or not:

Phase one: Make sure you have a problem.

Take a look at your bed. Most of they like to hide in the seems of your bed. I would suggest getting a flashlight to see more clearly. They look kind of like dart spots. The spots aren’t the bugs themselves, they are the left over bug poop…

If you see an excess of bug poop, you have a problem.

Phase Two: Get ready to go to war.

This is the annoying part. Basically you have to wash everything, make sure they are in the dryer for at least an hour, followed by putting all the cloths into plastic bags. So be ready to leave out of a plastic bag for a few weeks….

Remember, the more you prepare, the less likely they are to come back.

Phase Three: Find an exterminator or do it yourself.

You have two options here. You can use an exterminator and let them use their chemicals or you can buy a steamer. The affordable option with the exterminator is that they spray their specialized chemicals.

If you decide to go with the more expensive option, you’ll have to buy a steamer for around $1,000. It is more time consuming to use, but I found it to be really effective. It is what they use in hospitals, this way their is no left over smell.  However if you don’t have the time to do this, you can look forward to it taking forever. For instance, it would probably take you around 30 mins to steam a sofa.

Phase Four: Just call in the big guys…

If you have tried to do it yourself and failed, i’m sorry to say but you are going to have to call in the processionals.   If you are like me, it means you had to do a quick search for pest control rochester ny and interview a few companies.  Ask each one what they do differently and make sure they know what they are talking about. 



Sharpeners for your Home Kitchen

Recently I have been making some updates to my home. One of those places is the kitchen. I’ve always loved cooking and for the past 6 months I’ve been teaching myself some pretty neat knife skills.

As with anything you use a lot, it starts to wear out. Knives are no different. The more you use them, the more dull they become. Worst yet, the lower end knives that you buy aren’t very sharp to begin with.

Once you learn more about sharpeners and get into sharpening your knives on a frequently basis you can’t go back. Which is why I decided to write this post about how to pick out the right sharpener.

Why I think you need an electric sharpener.

sharpeners for the ktichen


These are just the best, so easy to use, and you don’t have to worry about damaging your knives too much.  I do suggest your practice on a cheap knife, often the first setting on these products can really take a bite out of your knives. But don’t worry, after one or two try’s you’ll have it down.

If you have a few knives and want to get them to their sharpest potential, get one of these. I absolutely love mine.

Manual is not a bad choice

The manual ones are pretty good too. They look pretty much the same as the electric, the different is you do not plug them in. They also cost a lot less. You can get a good one of these for around $50, which isn’t bad considering the eclectic go for around $150.  I’ve read online that you do not want to trust manual with upper end knives, lots of people have had bad experiences with them.

If you have a few lower end knives, this type should work just fine.

Wetstone – the way “real men” sharpen knives.

I have never attempted to use one of these, frankly I hate the sound and I’m always worried I’ll brake my knives. However my husband prefers them. According to him, they will get you the sharpest edge possible, so sharp it will cut the hair off your arm. Which I’m sure is true.  These really vary in price, everything from $5 up to $100. My husband suggests getting one with at least 3 services for around $40.

Portable – Really neat and useful.

My husband really enjoys hunting. He has a portable sharpener for his hunting knives and I’m really impressed with how useful they are. His even has a three stage sharpen. This means he can even serrated knives with this thing! It only cost him around $20 and it can sharpen just about anything.   The only downside is that you would have to take the time to learn how to use it.

You should keep in mind that if you need more information this site will tell you everything you need to know about sharpeners:

That about wraps this up.

Like I said, I personally prefer the electric. I find it to be easy to use and it works great on upper end knives. However if you are someone like my husband, prefers to do things “the old fashion way” you will probably want to go with the portable. You can use it just about anywhere and sharpen any knife with it.

Long Island Bulkhead Builders Beware

In long Island, New York, property owners are requires to obtain a bulkhead permit before the builder begins these types of projects. Since the rationale behind providing these permits has a relatively recent history, they are often hard for homeowners to get the appropriate permit approvals. Since bulkheads are known to cause a diversity of problems to coastland areas and their natural habitat, the states that have to deal with these types of permits are not releasing them without great consideration.

As these reasons can vary from one area to another, it is important for cities like Long Island, New York to do an evaluation of the property prior to supplying these permits. As a general rule of thumb, these permits are normally difficult to obtain when it can adversely affect the land and the sea life that is present in these areas.

Listed below are 7 reasons why homeowners should make sure that they are getting the right permits before they allow anyone to build a bulkhead on their properly. Even though the land that people purchase are normally theirs to do what they like or please, there are laws that govern the land in Long Island that is located along the shore land.

Reason #1 – If the owner of the property does not secure the proper permit before, the project is started, the builder may be subject to paying fines.

So, it is important for every builder to make sure that they have the right paperwork and approvals prior to accepting the job and getting started. If the builder does not have the right approvals, they may receive a fine that can range from a $1000 to $20,000.

Reasons #2 – The fines that people pay are not confined to builders only.

Homeowners are also subject to this kinds of fines as well. So, owners of the property should make sure that they are not giving a bulkhead  worker the approval to start until all of the paperwork is complete and in hand.

Reason # 3 – Jail time for second offense

To prevent a construction company from operating behind the scenes building multiple structures without the proper approvals and certifications, the state’s authorities are also warning builders who violate these standards more than once about time being served. Which means, if the builder tries to build more than one structure, they can be sent to jail for their 2nd and 3rd offenses. The company that I used and recommend is they did a wonderful job on my project. They are straight shooters and don’t play any games. Always work with a reputable company that will get the job done and the job done right.

Reason #4 – Interferes with natural habitat.

Another reason these laws must be adhered to is they tend to encroach on the natural order of things.

Since a bulkhead can redirect the sand to a different area, it can leave the fish in the area without the sand that they need to raise their families own. As a result, they can have whole species of fish in the area to die out.

Reason #5 – Against the law

Even though the land that the builder uses is the owners, it is against the law for the construction to be built without the permit. So, people who do not want to intentionally or inadvertently break this law will need to forget to obtain the permit prior to its initial implementation.  Always use a company like for long island bulkhead builder permits.

Reason #6 – Costly Projects Halted

If the homeowner does not get the permit before the new project is started, they may find that these expensive projects can be stopped until such time as they obtain the permit. However, if the permit is never issued, the person may spend out large sums of money on a construction that will never be used.

Property Value decreases

When the homeowner secures the appropriate permit, the value of the home and structure goes up. The value of the property will also change for those who do not have the permit but it will result in a decrease in the property’s value.


Are we have a Camo Wedding Take over?

I had a look at my inbox yesterday and I couldn’t believe it, my extended family sent me photos of their wedding…. Photos of their Camo wedding…  Yes, it turns out these types of wedding do exists.  Apparently they are very popular, especially in the south of the United States.  Lots of outdoorsmen and women are lining up to have this new type of wedding.

Why are more people having this type of wedding?

It is cheaper

It’s a lot more cost effective than your average type of wedding. Overall, most camo type of clothing and dresses tend to be on the lower end. It is not uncommon for a bride to only spend around $500 on her wedding dress.   Compared to the thousands of dollars a bride usually drops on a wedding, it is not a bad deal.

camo wedding phto

 It can be held outside

This may play into the first point, but picking a nice sport outdoors is a lot better than paying a ton for a dining hall. Plus, frankly some people just like being outside. There is nothing wrong with having a romantic wedding in a place where the bride and groom enjoy being.

 Boy Are the Rings cheaper.

Lots of people will save a ton on the ring as well. They tend to be a quarter the price of “normal rings.”   The store we recommend is for camo wedding rings. Dont forget guys like them a lot better. It is something they can wear with pride when their wife is around.

 Get the eating done right

If you are into southern cooking, this will offer up a really good situation for you to take part in this type of cooking.   For example, in the pictures I was sent, they roasted a pig outdoors for 5 hours. It must have tasted amazing and I’m sure it is far cheaper than your average wedding. From what I recall, most dinning halls will charge you between $50-$100 per plate. In this case, the whole pig will probably only cost a few hundred dollars.   If you are a true outdoorsmen and know how to cook and prep these types of means, you’ll save even more money.

 Final thoughts

It is very possible that this is the answer to the rescission. Lots of people still want to get married, but simply may not have the money to do so.  That being said, it is a lot more fun to have a theme than what people are used to. Most of us have lost count of the amount of weddings we have been to. This might be a tend that will build into other themes. Who knows, we might see lots of 60s teme weddings in the northeast, and surfer weddings in the west.


Travel to catch your own Tuna Steak?

One thing that is becoming more and more popular is vacationing for health. More people are starting to leave the all you can eat destinations behind for more physical trips. The type of trip that we are going to talk about today is Spearfishing.   This is the type of vacation for true watermen and women who have a love for the ocean.   According to the CMAS , which is an authority of underwater sports, lots of folks are traveling the world for both fun and competition for this new emerging sport.

Lets get into what Spearfishing is in the first place. It is the combination of fishing and freediving. Both are skill sets one must master to become a “Spearo” or someone who is recognized as a well balanced underwater hunter.   Freediving is the art of holding your breath for long period of time.   It is something that must be trained, it is very unlikely you will be able to stay under the water for more than a few minutes on your first trip out. Lucky, freedivers have been around for a while and they have been training various different ways for you to hold your breath for extended periods of time.

Now that you understand that you must first undergo some freediving training, lets talk about the type of gear you’ll need. You will need a way to catch the fish you are stacking and after an interview with we learned that most underwater hunters prefer to use a more modern gun when they look for game.   The reason for this is that they often do not break as easily as their band counter parts and offer more power. This means you could use a shorter gun to hunt larger fish, many of this guns range over 4 feet long, making them a nuance to carry around.

Once again we turned to our friends at  for the type of spearfishing wetsuit you will need.  Just like all the other equipment you need for this sport, the wetsuit is also very specialized. in this case it is very flexiable, which is needed if you are going to bending and twisting while chasing your dinner are the sea.  it also tends to be warmer than most wetsuits, mainly because they do not come with zippers.  Being that it doesn’t have a zipper, it will not let water flow in and out of your suit, the water that gets in, stays their, and keeps you warmer.

spearfishingClearly you will also need a mask and fins.  Any mask that certified for scuba diving will work fine.  You goal is to see fish clearly so you can shoot them and bring them home for dinner, we suggest dropping a few bucks on a high quality one. After that you have the fins, which range in from any quality. The best type to get for spearfishing is carbon fiber. The reason for this is that are typically longer, giving you more power with less energy. The less energy you use, the longer you can stay under the water and hunt.

That about wraps up our quick story about a new sport that you might consider doing the next time you go traveling.  If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.



Looking to Travel? Try Free diving in London!

Hey gang! I love to travel and I thought I would post about something different then most folks when it comes to travel. This time I am going to talk about the unspeakable…. Freediving in England….

Well, its not as crazy as you might think. Yes it gets cold, but hey, lots of people live in the UK and still wanna jump in the water.

Let me talk a bit about my Freediving experience:

First I must say it is very organized. I got all my lessons in a local pool that wasn’t all that deep, but I learned A LOT. Mainly how to hold my breath for an extended period of time and it is NOT easy to learn.   The basic idea is that you want to use as little energy as possible, that means you don’t wanna paddle to fast, dont want to kick your legs all that quick, and just let your freediving gear work for you.

One piece of equipment that I was truly fascinated with was the fins. The pair I was recommend to buy was made of carbon fiber and BOY do they make you move though the water, just brilliant.   Unlike plastic they do not have “memory'” meaning when you bend them they will snap back into place. Where as plastic will actually remember how it was bent and stay that way.   Long story short, they will actually propel you forward while returning to their original shape. Truly amazing and hard to describe.

Once training was over we headed over to the South cost of the UK. To say the least, the water over their isn’t that warm. Luckly we were armed with 5mm wetsuits, which isn’t the thickest out there, but I was nice and toasty inside.

Due to the natural the the area, I can’t say I saw hundreds of amazing fish, but I certainly saw a few and had a great time.  When it comes to water sports, the UK is usually the last place that you will think of.

One of the lads also brought a handful of Spearguns with him. For the first time ever I had to really work to catch my dinner and had a blast doing it.  The art of Spearfishing combines freediving with hunting.  Its just you, a set of fins, and your speargun. No fancy breath tanks, simply your ability to stay under the water, and nabe a few fish for dinner.

I decided to write this blog post because this typically isn’t the pace you go to to learn Freediving. Most folks would travel to the cost of Italy or someplace very sunny.  Although I’m planning to head over the Mediterranean, I’m certainly glad I got to try something new while I was in the UK.